Hemadee Residency, Plot No.3a, Sector-11, Kamote 410 209

Current Projects

Project by Bombay Community Public Trust

Exectued at : Navimubai Municipal School No. 39   & 40     .

Intitiated on : 1st August  2012 to 30th April 2013


Bombay community Public Trust is city based community foundation, works with non-governmental organisations, to address social, educational, health, and environmental problem affecting the citizen of Mumbai. Listening, reading and writing are the three main pillars of language development. Listening which begins in the womb and continues through the early years of a childs life enables a child to articulate from incoherent to coherent words, form words, through phrases to sentences which get refined as the child.

CLC Address:

1.      HANUMANNAGAR NMMC SCHOOL NO 39 : Hanuman Nagar, Mahape , New Mumbai

             1 large room measuring 20*40= 800 sq.feet

1.      NMMC SCHOOL NO 40 : Mahape village , Mahpe , New Mumbai

             1 large room measuring 20*40= 800 sq.feet